Friday, April 17, 2015

Sub-District Fellowship Dinner was held at the Grand Ballroom as we had the most delegates of all the 4 sub-district, a strong 617 registered delegates.   Highlight of the evening was obviously the Awards Presentation by DG Ooi Chao Syhuan.  Club collected 11 Awards namely ; Excellent Club, Excellent President Yvonne Cheong, Outstanding Secretary Lynda Yeng, Outstanding Treasurer Irene Hoi, Club Extension, Membership Growth, Women Membership Growth, Outstanding Club Media Publicity, Outstanding Club Major Community Service Project, 100% LCIF Contributing Club and lastly, Excellent Zone Chairman Jessie Ng.

Winning the numerous accolades would not have been possible if not for the collectively cooperation, support and teamwork from members of LC PJ Mutiara and Branch Club Petaling Jaya Central, and here we would like to put on record a VOTE OF SINCERE THANKS to all who has one way or another help manifested the energy to achieve to this level.     

Immediately after the dinner we visited all the Hospitality Reception hosted by DG Elect SN Tai with 1st VG Elect Jennifer Kim, 2nd VDG candidates Douglas Oh, William Lim & James Ong. Branch Club members Lion Danny Liew with Anco Lim, Laticia Chong, Mac Soo, Michelle Foong & Tracy Mak also visited some hospitality reception, their maiden Convention feel after being a Lion for 6 months.

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