Thursday, August 31, 2006

Visit Rumah Love & Care at No 1, Jalan S8, Taman Sakapp 43000 Kajang on Sunday 27 August 2006 from 10.30 am to 2.30 pm. Attended by 10 members led by President Irene Hoi, Jessie Ng, Nancy Soh, Kam Poh Ling, Henry Foon, Jamie Chen, Katherine Yong, Karen Lee, Zoue Lim and Nelson Wong (83%) with 11 Leos from Monash University Malaysia led by President Chang Ken Sheng and Organising Chairman Leo Ang Huay Chuen.

Guests: Mdm. Catherine Cheang (Nelson wife), ex-Lion Michelle Khoo (Poh Ling), Mr. Loo Kam Heng & family, Ms. Fion Tee (both guest of Zoue Lim), Mr.Chuah Chai Siang, Mr. Lum Sai Hong, Mdm. Poon Lam Mooi & Mdm. Kim Lam (all guests of Henry).

Duties fulfilled by President Irene – prepared stewed chicken with mushroom, Jessie –fried vegetarian mee hoon, photographer, purchase paper cups, plates, bowls & serviettes, Nancy – oranges and apples, Poh Ling – got her sister in law to prepare ABC soup, Henry – got his Auntie Mdm. Poon of Yue Yee Chai Restaurant to cook Lor Hon Chai, Katherine – Assam Fish, Zoue – purchased the black forest birthday, Nelson – got his wife Catherine to freshly make Shanghai & Snow White mooncakes, Jamie/Karen – coordinate the Leos, provided transport and photographer. Monash Leos –contributed 5 tins biscuits while Mr. Loo Kam Heng contributed 10 kilo rice.

11.00 am Assemble at Pro-Jet Petrol Station.
Journey to the home was led by President Irene, and met up with Lions Jamie and Karen with 11 Leos at a coffee shop nearby. Thanks to Lion Jamie & Karen for taking care of the Leos.

01) Teamwork observed by home inmates, Lions & Leos.
02) Home inmates happily preparing and arranging the tables and chairs.
03) Lions preparing and arranging the home-made food for the inmates.
04) Leos were busy sweating out assembling the cupboards.
05) Guests also helped out in serving the food and assembling the cupboards

11.15 am Welcome address by caretaker Mr. Gary Tan. One August inmate was unable join us, as God had chosen her. All members, guests and inmates observed 1 minutes silence to show respect.

Speech by OC Nelson Wong highlighted our 4 in 1 objectives
01) get to know inmates better, (our 2nd visit this year)
02) provide lunch treat special home-cooked dishes by members.
03) Birthday celebration of August inmates.
04) Presentation of 20 units 3-tier cupboards with doors.

Lunch commenced by members serving the inmates. After lunch, OC break the ice, by singing a song “Why I Like You” in Cantonese. Managed to get 5 more inmates to sing their favorite number and even caretaker Mr. Gary shared a song with us followed by a dance from the oldest couple in the home. OC than led every one to sing a hearty Happy Birthday song to celebrate August inmates Birthday.

Followed by official presentation of the 20 units 3-tier cupboard with doors costing us RM800 to the home received by caretaker Mr. Gary Tan witnessed by Lion President Irene and Leo President Ken and both OC Lion Nelson and Leo Huay Chuen. Happiest moment for the inmates, distribution of generous ang pows by Mdm. Poon Lam Mooi.

Inmates helped to clean up after the event. Mr. Gary briefed the Leos and guests on the home and took them for a tour round the house for women and the adjourning house at the back for man.

2.30 pm Function ended with another group photo outside the house with Mr. Gary and he thanked all for our contribution and time spent with them. Vote of thanks to all members who cooked, assemble the cupboards, got donations, bring guests and making this project a success. Total Sponsorship collected RM 1,100.00, RM200 sourced by Lion Nelson, RM400 sourced by Lion Irene and RM500 sourced by Lion Jessie.

Report by OC Lion Nelson Wong