Saturday, July 15, 2017

15/7/2017 1ST ZONE 20 & REGION 6 MEETING

President Vincent Leong and Secretary PP Katherine Yong attended the 1st Joint Zone Meeting chaired by Zone 20 Chairperson Kan Keng Pui held at Klang Executive Club.  Concurrently Zone 19 to Zone 23 also have their own meeting thereafter adjourned to Region 6 Meeting chaired by Yvonne Cheong and attended by Irene Hoi as District Chairperson for Membership R6.  The combine meeting brainchild of District Governor Douglas Oh to save time.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Student Welfare / Meals Sponsorship 2016/2017

Meals Sponsorship for Poor Students of SRJK (Cina) Tai Thung commencing 2017-2018
After the shoes/socks presentation, President Vincent and OC PP Katherine went to check on the canteen vendor who provided the meals to our selected 24 students recommended by Principal Mdm. Goh.  This fiscal year onwards the students will be charged RM50 per student per month and they can have unlimited serving of 3 dishes with their rice daily.  Here we would like to record our vote of sincere thanks to to of our sponsors Mr & Mrs S.K. Ooi for their unfailing generosity and support for the past few years. 


Presentation of 46 sets of shoes & socks by President Vincent Leong were witnessed by Principal  of SJK (Cina) Tai Thung Mdm Goh and OC Katherine Yong at 11 am.  The students than penned a huge thank you card to both generous sponsors Mdm. Koh Ngat Hoon and Mdm Sulina Lim.