Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mutiara Charity Bowl

The fund-raising project at the Pin Junction, e@The Curve was held on Sunday, 24 January 2010. We managed to secure 20 teams of 3 bowlers per team playing 3 games each.

It was attended by 10 Lions – OC Poh Ling, Jamie Chen, Josephine Yeng, Lynda Yeng, Yvonne Cheong, Katherine Yong, Irene Hoi, Nancy Soh, Chwee Chin and Jennifer Chong.

The proceeds will be channeled to the Students Welfare and Club Project Fund. The funds to the Students Welfare Fund will be used to sponsor meals for the students for a period of one year as well as to purchase uniforms to selected students identified by the schools headmasters/mistresses.

In addition to the RM4,000.00 raised from the registration fee of the 20 teams at RM200 per team, the members also managed to secure a whopping cash donation of RM5,100.00. The total amount raised was RM8,000.00. At point of writing, the total expenses have not been finalized except for the bowling charges of RM1,110.00 and a provision of RM100.00 for miscellaneous expenses.

The registration started at 8.30am and was completed by 9.30am. However we could not roll off the games as there were some technical glitches and miscommunication which resulted in the shifting of lanes by the bowlers, twice! Finally at 9.45am the MC Lion Nancy started her welcoming speech followed by the address by our 1stVP Lion Lynda who represented the President as he could make attend due to work. Thereafter the Guest of Honor, R5C Lion Jean Teoh was called to give a short speech followed by the opening of the project by rolling a ball at Lane 10. The bowlers had more than 5mins of practice before the games finally started at 10.10am. From there on it was smooth flowing until the last game ended at 12.30pm.

As R5C had to leave early for another project, the OC was given the honor to present the prizes to the winners witnessed by 1st VP Lion Lynda.

The team champion went to MD Engineering with a total of 1,531 pinfalls. The 1st runner up to 3A with 1,432 pinfalls while Builders were the 2nd runner up with 1,366 pinfalls. Male and Female Hi-Series Champions were Albert Yeoh (3A team) and Shina Yong (SCS Friendly team) with 581 pinfalls and 463 pinfalls, respectively.

The team champion received a certificate each, 1 hamper per team and 3 bathroom cabinets. The 1st runner up had a certificate each, 1 hamper and 3 dish drainers whilst the 2nd runner up were also given a certificate each, 1 hamper and 3 cup stands. The hi-series male and female each received a certificate and a hamper. The team winners also received a slimming voucher worth RM1,000.00 each.

We would like to acknowledge the contribution from the following sponsors:


KS Enterprise RM50.00

Gary Hoh RM200.00

Joanne Sim RM100.00

Zoue Lim RM100.00

Michelle Khoo RM100.00

Michelle Liew RM100.00

Jackie Chong RM200.00

Chan Wan Moi RM300.00

Liong Ooi Kuan RM100.00

Cheah Chee Kong RM300.00

Patrick Chow RM200.00

May Wong Mui Yen RM100.00

Wee Cheng Kiat RM400.00

Wu Chee Keong RM100.00

SK Ooi RM2,000.00

Chan HM RM200.00

Janet Leong RM200.00

King Hong RM200.00

Andy Foo RM100.00

New Ai Ling RM50.00


King Hong – 3 bathroom cabinet, 3 dish drainer, 3 cup stand

Lion KT Khor – 1 hamper worth RM200

Lion Jessie Ng – 1 hamper worth RM150 and RM50 Jaya Jusco voucher

Meng Li – RM100 Jaya Jusco vouchers

Praise Slimming Center – 80 plastic bags, 79pcs slimming voucher worth RM278.00 each and 9pcs slimming voucher worth RM1,000.00 each

Lion Lynda – Apollo cakes (for goody bag)

Lion Josephine – mandarin oranges (for goody bag)

Lion Katherine – mineral water (for goody bag)

As the OC, I am very fortunate to have worked with a group of very supportive members. The team work was tremendously remarkable. My sincere and heartfelt thanks and appreciation go to all of you.

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