Sunday, September 03, 2017

Visit to Saresu Aged & Handicapped Home Semenyih

Also known as Pusat Jagaan Saresu, situated at 35 Jalan 1/8 Bandar Rinching, 43500 Semenyih, spearheaded by Club Branch PJ Central, PP Yvonne and PP Irene together with PJC OC Janet, President Laticia with her friend from Shenzen, members Connie & Grace contributed majority foodstuff ranging from biscuits, bread, rice, sugar, salt, cooking oil, canned food, rice vermicelli (mee hoon), dried noodles and non-perishables included detergent during their visit to the home at 4 pm.  Greeted by caretaker and explained that the home has 30 odd inmates aged 55 and above with majority being handicapped.  Vote of special thanks to Lion Gaga who sourced most of the items and Lion Janet’s brother who also contributed a fair portion too.