Saturday, April 18, 2015

18th April - School for Key Officers, President Yvonne attended the President School, Jessie attended the Secretary School while Adelene attended the Treasurers’ School. After that, Adelene joined Lynda and Irene for the Image Enhancement by Ms. Josephine Lui and President Yvonne attended the interesting Women Symposium by energetic and vocal PID Hajjah Ellis Suriyati Omar.
Agenda for Sub-District Convention concluded smoothly presided by DG Ooi Chao Syhuan [the best ever so far] and voting delegates casted their votes before joining the Convention Banquet theme “Action with Passion” at the newly renovated SPICE Arena with 230 colorful tables.  Meet up with old friends and made some new friends at the Banquet and obviously more photo taking.

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