Monday, January 26, 2015

25 Jan 2015 World Leprosy Day Project - Joint Project with District 308B1 and 308B2 Lions Clubs
Attended by President Yvonne, Nelson, Lynda, Josephine, Adelene, Jessie, 6 PJ Central Danny Liew, Anco, Mac, Pang, Yong & Laticia with 4 Friends of Lions.

Considered successful for a project with so many Clubs participating from B1 & B2.  Cons included too many fire crackers [40 strings] and Nelson apologise on his PA system.
Took charged of Ward 3 with LC KL Capital,  appreciation to all PJ Central Members for being the main entertainers singing their hearts out to the inmates.
3/2/15 President Yvonne and Nelson attended the Review meeting at Sri Karak PJ with Lions      from KL Taman Tun, SJ Lioness, Puchong, PJ Metro, PJ Mutiara, KL Capitol, PJ. Recorded surplus of RM6K.

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