Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bersama menghapuskan Denggi & Sayangi Jantung Anda. A joint Project with Majlis Daerah Kuala Langat, Justice of Peace Kuala Langat, Kelab Lions Region 5 (LC PJ Mutiara, LC Sg Buloh, LC Kuala Langat Central, LC Seri Kuala Langat & LC Banting), Pusat Kesihatan Teluk Datok, Polis Majlis Daerah Kuala Langat & local community of Bandar Mahkota Banting.
President Yvonne, IPP Jessie and Treasurer Irene arrived at 8 am and they started the Senamrobik 
The health camp saw various free checks ranging from dental, pap smear, denggi exhibition, anti-smoking booth, coloring contests for children from 7-12 years.
The official ceremony ended at 12.30 pm with lucky draw and President Yvonne won a hamper for lucky number 92!!  Club budget RM300 for this event

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