Friday, June 20, 2014

20th June 2014, the 21st Business Meeting cum Fellowship marks the last meeting for the fiscal term 2013/2014 for me as the President for the 2nd time round after 10 years interval.

THANK YOU dear members, for all the great things you did.  Large and small, young and old, they all have meanings to those we have serve.

To me, one act can make all the difference, like ripples in a pond, kindness spreads outward reaching and touching others and can change life momentarily.
The smiling faces we see say it all …. I'm sure in their hearts, you are their stars!!

I raise my glass and give three rousing cheers and roar to all extraordinary super PJ Mutiara membrs, who always share their time with enthusiastic hearts, who appear from out of nowhere, to do their special parts!!  Thank You ... Thank You.

To President-elect Yvonne Cheong, I am sure your year will be just as exciting and interesting with 2 new members, Adelene Yew and Pamela Tan joining  us.  Let's all perform our rightful part, and all others will fall into place.  

Personally for me, I serve with deep pride for LC PJ Mutiara !!!    

Thanks to Nancy, Lynda, Josephine, Yvonne, Irene for all the food.
PP Katherine safe kept the President Chain of Office with her jewellery
Serious discussion in progress
Celebrated Jamie's Birthday, 21 days late.  
Deeply Appreciate that she flew in from Sabah for my last meeting
Missing in this photo is Adelene, Poh Ling & Chwee Chin

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