Wednesday, September 05, 2012

5/9/2012 Ex-Lion Cheng Swee Yin returned for a short vacation from Dubai and called on Lion Jessie to organise a pot luck dinner at her condo in Taman Tun, KL.  On invitation was Lions Chwee Chin, Jamie Chen, Nelson Wong, from PJ Metro were Eric Foong, David Chang, Shirley Koh, her good friend ex-Lion Jackie Loh, joining us was her sister Charissa Cheng.  Each brought a plate and we took the opportunity to celebrate Swee Yin & her sister Charissa's birthday coincidentally falls on 8 & 9 Sept respectively.  Yearly time to catch up on the latest development and hear her interesting stories from abroad.  

Here we would like to record a vote of SINCERE THANKS to dear Swee Yin for her continuous support toward our Lions Club Project Fund with her timely cash  donation of RM500 for 2012.  

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