Sunday, January 08, 2012

8 Jan 2012 Chinese New Year Visit to Rumah Love & Care Kajang
Attended by President Katherine with Irene, Nancy, Josephine, Peggy & Jessie. Arrived at the home at 11.30 am greeted by caretaker Ms. Carmen. We purchased detergent, big and small onion, ginge, black beans, black & white fungus, coffee, sugar, milk power, maggie noodles, margarine, biscuits, etc value RM500 generously donated by Mdm Jane Wong. Lunch was yong tau foo with fried mee hoon by Lion Irene and stewed chicken with potato by Lion Jessie. Spent about 1 hour 40 mins with the inmates with singing by the inmates and children. Event ended with President Katherine and OC Irene distributing ang pow totalling RM300 generously donated by Mdm Ko Lan Teng [colleague of Lion Jessie]
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