Sunday, September 04, 2011

4 Sept 2011 Visit to Selangor Handicapped & Mentally Retarded Children Centre
at Taman Perwira Dua, Ampang Jaya - OC Irene Hoi.

Attended by President Katherine, OC Irene with niece Wen Li, Poh Ling, Jamie, Lynda, Josephine, Chwee Chin, Peggy, Jessie with Lion Eric, his mom and niece Alyshea. Our guests included Chong Mui Fah, Mui Yin with their aunt and Li Jing. Arrived at the home about 10.40 am and met by Coordinator Committee Member Mr. Chan Chee Wang who highlighted on the home and did a brief introduction on the 26 inmates. Club presented a cheque of RM300 to assist in their administration, foodstuff [dry and wet including chicken, fish, biscuits, onion, garlic, etc], pampas value RM200, toilet paper, dish liquid and added on were donations from members namely Lions Jamie, Irene, Nancy, Lynda, Jo & Jessie.
After the project we adjourned to Kenny Rogers restaurant at Leisure Mall for lunch and shopped for some groceries for the Chong sisters and Mdm Gan.

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