Monday, July 11, 2011

10 July 2011 Our 12th Annual General Meeting chaired by IPP Lynda was held at Fatty Two Restaurant, SS2, PJ at 7 pm. Region 8 Chairman Soong Kok Hoong gave the Club an early monetary boost by giving his personal contribution of RM1,000 towards the Club's Admin Fund which was accepted by 2011/12 President Katherine. Agenda for the AGM proceeded smoothly and IPP President Lynda presented her personal pin & appreciation to all members. This was followed by Customary President's Appreciation presented by PP Nelson to IPP Lynda. We had a sumptous dinner followed by karaoke session and celebration of June [Lion Yvonne & Jamie] and July [Chwee Chin] member's birthday and the AGM adjourned at 10.30 pm with vote of thanks to all in attendance.

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