Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday 16 Jan 2011 Luncheon organised for 21 inmates of Rumah Love & Care, Kajang and 12 children from Kaizen Children's Home, Semenyih was attended by President Lynda, OC Jessie, Nelson, Yvonne, Chwee Chin, Peggy, Irene, Katherine & Poh Ling with guests included Jamie Low, Lion Eric Foong of PJ Metro, Rachael Foong, Lois Lui, Irene Chow, Roland Ong, Charmiane Ong & Harold Ong.

Thanks to our generous cash sponsors who made this event possible namely Mdm Jane Wong RM1K, Ms Wong Yoon Tze RM1K, Mdm Irene Chow 33 pkt ang pow, Mdm Koh Ngat Hoon RM200 and Mdm. Cindy Tan RM200.

Amount collected was utilized for purchasing 200 pcs Yong Tau Foo for lunch, groceries worth RM500, children educational toys worth RM200, personal bathing towels, face towels & toothbrushes worth RM300 and 3 ctns Adult Diapers costing RM462.

Vote of thanks to Mr. Robin Chang for donating a used 34" Samsung TV & Mr. Charlie Foong a used 21" Philips TV as their TV was recently strike by lightning. Thanks to Ln Poh Ling's sister- in-law, Mdm Low and Mdm Cheong for cooking the yummy stewed chicken with potatoes and fried mee hoon, Lion Chwee Chin for donating a foot reflexology, Lion Peggy for a few soft toys and Ms Wong for a carton of Diabetic Tea.

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