Tuesday, June 01, 2010


11/5 OC Katherine & Ms Jackie Wong delivered 8 packets 5 kilo rice to Rumah Love & Care Kajang prior to the start of the Charity Fund Raising event.

22/5 Sales assisted by Lion Lynda and family, Josephine & Katherine at USJ 19.

23/5 Sales assisted by Lions Katherine with guests Ms. Alice & Ms. Leong, Jamie, Josephine, Lynda, Jessie with Eric, at USJ 19.

24/5 OC Katherine delivered to Rumah Love & Care Kajang (old folks home & children home in Broga) the following ; T-shirts 16 pcs, 8 bottles of TiTa oil, 7 units of small back packs , 2B pencils 40 pcs, 3 cans of Honey & 9 bottles of "TiTa"oil, 10 boxes of brown rice worth RM 283.00 and additional T-shirts about 20 given by Jackie’s friend. Caretaker Ms Carmen requested for assistance to source for donation for Large Diapers.

30/5 Sales assisted by Lions Katherine, Irene with guest Alice & Annie at Ampang.

Total coupons sold by members valued RM1,000 bank-into Dharma Light Monastery and coupons value donated by Jackie's friends valued RM3,476 which was utilized to purchase toiletries, foodstuffs for our Student Welfare program and Rumah Love & Care Kajang both the old folks home & their children home in Broga.

Cash donated to our Club totalling RM3,100 from 5 donors, namely Ms Wang Chiew Kien RM2,000, Mr Mong of Intellitech Technology Sdn Bhd RM300, Ms. Julie RM100, Aster RM600, Ms. Ang RM100 will be utilize for school uniforms, socks, lunch sponsorship for our ongoing Student Welfare Program.

Club extend sincere gratitude and thanks to Ms Jackie Wong for her kind assistance in getting sponsorship from her relatives & friends and contributed to our Club project fund.

more pix at : http://picasaweb.google.com/lionspjmutiara97/20100523SummitBuddhist#

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