Monday, June 21, 2010

20 JUNE 2010 Sorting goodies for our Student Welfare program & Handicapped Home was attended by OC Katherine, Irene, Lynda, Josephine & Jessie. Arrived at Lion Irene’s residence at Sg. Long Cheras at 11.00 am. Sorting completed at 2.45 pm including interval for fried lin ghow, kueh-mueh, honey lime and coffee.

Our first stop was to Home for Special People at 35 Jalan Rakan 11, Taman Rakan, Cheras Kuala Lumpur. Met by Mr. Ten Yen Han (016-5159746) the Secretary and also a volunteer, he explained that this home was set up 9 months ago, and currently taking care of 13 children who are down syndrome, spastic, cerebral palsy, hyperactive or autism. Some of them are orphan while some are from single parent home. We donated 2 dozens shampoo, honey, black sauce, brown rice drinks & oats crackers for our inaugural visit.
Our second stop was to the Lovely Disable Home in SS2/3, PJ unfortunately no one was at home, so we decided to donate the stuff similar to the above to PJ Caring Home at PJ Old Town.

As for the Student Welfare, we will be donating 1 set uniform + socks + shampoo + mechanical pencil + 2B pencils + 1 set fork & spoon + Pelikan color set + glue + one packet oat rice biscuit for 35 Tai Thung Students, while the 36 Kwong Hon students, they too will have all the above items with an additional school bag.

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