Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunday 2 August 2009 Hosted a luncheon for Rumah Charis Old Folks Home from 12 pm till 1.50 pm attended by President Nelson, Katherine, Lynda, Josephine & Jessie. Lynda & Jo brought along their mother, Jessie came with guest Ms. May Wong, ex-Lion Henry came with 10 guests with his 2 nephews and 5 Monash University Leos.

President Nelson kick off with his light exercise routine, than Rumah Charis volunteer Ms. Ho briefed the guests on the conception of Rumah Charis. Monash Leos assisted in serving the lunch and members took time to mingle with the inmates.

For the luncheon, my sincere thanks and appreciation to Ms. Fan of Yuet Sum Hin Restaurant (ex-Lion Henry's auntie) who sponsored 4 yummy vegetarian dishes, Lion Jo made chicken cheese balls, Lion Kat sponsored 30 pcs yong tau foo and Lion Jessie made sweet sour fish.

As for non perishable items, the Club donated to the old folks and children's home 14 pcs blanket, 17 pcs pillow case, 14 pcs Kid's bag, 28 pairs socks, 20 pencil box, 7 bottles moisturiser lotion 45 pcs t-shirt, 60 pcs face towels, 2 boxes kitchen utensils of plates, bowls and spoons and 6 large bottle of liquid detergent. Henry's friend Mr. Yong Kuan Hon and Ms. Celine sponsored 2 bags 10-kilo rice and a few packets of biscuits.

The project ended with Ms. May Wong personally handing out ang pow to the 22 inmates. Ms Ho later took the Leos and Henry's guests to view the Taman Yarl children's home. Here I wish to acknowledge cash sponsorship of RM250 from my friends Cindy & William Tan too.

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