Tuesday, September 09, 2008

After months of planning, 8 of us finally got on a retreat led by OC Jamie Chen to her birthplace and savour all the local food we can digest, one hour after another (no joke). To sum up the trip, it was an experience to behold - hitting a snake on the way to Labuk Bay, imagine going on a 4WD adventure on a 2WD wheels, our Wira got stuck in mud at 6km LB, but thanks to the orang asli who came to rescue 4 damsels in distress and most drama was the 4WD wouldn't start when we were suppose to go collect our frozen fish and head to the airport. And we have mechanics trying to jump start the 4WD with his 2WD. Whole retreat cost RM500/pax inclusive of air, hotel, transport, food, adventure, fellowship and lots of money for our tail twisting at the coming meeting.
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