Sunday, August 31, 2008

10.00 am President Nelson, Jessie, Josephine & Chwee Chin (car 1), Katherine, Irene, Jamie & Karen (car 2) met at Polis Station Batu 9, Ulu Langat and Katherine led the way to the hot spring. With pails & towel in hand we entered the hot spring. Unfortunately President Nelson had to be separated cos ladies enter on the right and men on the left. Thanks to Lion Katherine for sharing this new "hotspot" and we had a really "hotie-therupatic" time soaking our feet. Katherine and Irene both had hot bath to loosen their body aches due to always "making money syndrome".

Lion Irene than took us to Look Out Point Restaurant at 14th mile Ulu Langat which command a magnificient view of the KL skyline, unfortunately the clouds was moving in fast to cover the sunrays for a perfect arieal view. Thanks to Lion Dr Karen Lee for hosting our coffee break before we head to Langat Seafood & Beer Garden for our sumptous seafood lunch & at this juncture, Lion Chuah and his wife joined us. Our 7 course lunch cost RM297.30 very satisfying indeed plus fresh from the tree chempedak and pulasan as dessert courtesy of Lion Katherine.

Members agreed that we should do it one more time with Yvonne, May, Poh Ling, Nancy & Lynda joining. This time make sure to bring big pails (water must at least cover your knee) and another set of clothes to experience taking the hot bath. You will be surprise to see some aunties bringing children bath tubs to soak themselves!!!

More photo at picasaweb. Hope those who went had a good sleep thereafter.....

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